I have published one of my latest compositions for solo piano. The piece is called Her Morning Walk and is dedicated to theatre creator extraordinaire Jeannette Lambermont-Morey. She is a dear friend and throughout the years has been an inspired co-conspirator in creating some compelling and wonderful theatre. I hope to continue our creations as soon as we are able to gather together in live spaces. In the meantime, enjoy this live recording of the piece made in December 2019 at the Steinway Piano Gallery in Mississauga, Ontario. The piece was inspired by a favourite, favourite work by Peter Maxwell Davies called Farewell to Stromness, which I have been performing in every one of my concerts in the last 10 years.

Consider buying the piece or any of my other music currently listed on Bandcamp. Their pricing and revenue share are currently the best in the business for musicians, as far as I know. So, while for you $1, $5, $10 might not be much, for a musician the accumulation of those little sums could mean the ability to continue creating.

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