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In 2016, after a teaching career spanning more than 30 years and a performance career, which started when he was 12, Mr. Dimitar Pentchev decided to put all his vast experience to use in his own music school.

Quassica® Music was born.

Its mission: to bring up a generation of young musicians and music lovers who appreciate the immense impact music making has on their lives and the lives around them. To teach children and adults alike the joy of creating through sound and to enrich their communities and livelihood by introducing them to he sense of fulfillment and achievement that Music uniquely can bring.

Welcome and have fun together with us along the way!

Your Journey Through Music Starts Here

We are always happy to receive inquiries about lessons. Feel free to ask us questions even if they seem silly to you. We offer a variety of regular classes as well as Summer programs, seasonal classes and camps in Music Theory, Vocal and Instrumental learning.
Give us a call, write us an email or contact us through this website for more information about our classes, programs and prices.

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Fantastic Music Teacher Family

We will be expanding our teaching family very soon with more piano teachers and other instrumental specialists. Guitar, Violin, Viola and Cello are all in our plans, as well as Flute, Clarinet and Saxophone.

In addition to purely individual instrumental teaching, very soon we will be offering classes in Group piano, Music Theory, History of Music and Musicianship.

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Masterclasses are
included for FREE with your tuition

The last Sunday of every month throughout the year is dedicated to our Masterclasses. Students gather, perform for each other and for Mr. Pentchev, give each other feedback and in this way, prepare for public performances in the least stressful environment possible.

Parents are not allowed in those Masterclasses. Students are dropped at the beginning and picked up at the end.

Quassica Music edits and uploads videos of each individual student’s performance from each Masterclass.

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