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Over 35 years
Music experience

Our history

Mr. Pentchev, Director of Quassica™ Music, started playing piano at the age of 6, gave his first solo recital at the age of 12 and played as an orchestra soloist for the first time at age 14. Since then he has played over 30 recital programs in Bulgaria, Greece, Czech Republic, Ukraine, Russia, UK, USA and Canada. He has been a soloist of symphony orchestras in Bulgaria and Great Britain.

Mr. Pentchev can trace back directly his teaching lineage to Arthur Rubinstein, Franz Lizst, Carl Czerny and Ludwig van Beethoven only 3 or 4 generations back. He is a proud successor of different European and North American Piano teaching traditions.

Mr. Pentchev started teaching when he was just 18, right after graduating summa cum laude from a specialized Music High School in Bulgaria. He was second overall in the class of 1987. Throughout the years, Dr. Pentchev has enjoyed the success of many of his students. He is most proud of the love for Piano playing he has managed to inspire in his pupils, regardless of what field or profession they grow into. This success lead him to decide to start QUASSICA™ Music in 2016. The school has been a resounding success, increasing the number of students 6 times in the first two years.

Our unique Masterclass program is gathering more and more attention and appreciation, including by other music teachers and schools who would like to implement it.

We at QUASSICA™ are planning to offer some new and exciting programs for the next school year. Make sure to subscribe to our newsletter and to follow us us on social media.

Together we make the history of QUASSICA.

Our Progress in Last
2 Years

Number of students increase 2016-2018 500%
RCM Exams: First Class Honours and above 92%
RCM Music Theory Exams: First Class Honours with Distinction (over 95 mark) 100%

Music Events

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Soundweavers: World Premiere

Soundweavers Collective is the brainchild of Ixchel Suarez, a renown textile artist, and Dimitar Pentchev, award-winning composer and pianist. This is their inaugural project, presented at the Oakville Arts Studio for the first time.

A Night of Jazz

Are you a fan of Ella Fitzgerald or Frank Sinatra? Then this concert is just what you need! Partake in the night of improvisation.

Music of Many Nations

Our musicians will present you with an amazing experience and unforgettable impressions with their stunning musical odyssey.

History of the Piano

Are you as passionate about the piano as we are? Then join a practical class taught by some of the best pianists in the world.

A Night of Classical Music

Are you an admirer of Frederic Chopin or Antonio Vivaldi? Then this concert will be right up your alley! The night full of inspiration.

History of the Saxophone

Are you as passionate about the saxophone as we are? Then join a theoretical class to learn more about the instrument’s origin and history.

Music of the United States

If you want to feel the unique North American flavor, join us for an evening of music and dance from the United States.

History of the Guitar

Are you as passionate about the guitar as we are? If so, you are welcome to attend a unique class taught by the living legend.

QUASSICA™ Initiatives

Projects for the community
  • Musical Events
  • History of the Saxophone
  • Improve your vocal abilities
  • Summer Music Camp
  • Music Therapy
  • Teory Classes