School Policies

It all starts with a registration form, which the parent/guardian of the student needs to sign before any regular lessons could start. 

Here are the policies, also listed on the Registration Form, which we follow at QUASSICA™ Music School:

Quassica Music

 The Parent/Guardian signs a Registration Form before tuition can commence. 


  • There are 12 equal monthly payments for the academic year starting on September 1st 2018 and the last payment due on August 1st 2019.
  •  One (1) month notice in writing is required to discontinue lessons or change lesson time / day, as 1 month lessons will be charged from the date of notice. 
  • Tuition is to be paid for a whole month regardless of how many lessons are attended unless notice has been given to discontinue. 
  •  Tuition fee is non-refundable. 
  •  Master classes for all students are held on the last Sunday morning of each month during the year and are included in the tuition. Pupils are required to attend at least five out of the eight classes plus mandatory attendance is required to the two recitals (December and June) to gain performing experience. 

Missed lessons

  • No refunds will be given for lessons missed by the student. 
  • Make-up lessons will not be provided. 
  • Any lessons missed by Quassica™ will be made up. 


  • Preparation each week is obligatory and all books brought to the lesson. 
  • We require that students have a good quality, well-tuned, acoustic piano and a metronome in their home for practising. 
  • A weighted, 88-key digital piano is acceptable for beginner level pupils. 
  • A lesson’s duration is calculated upon grade/level. We reserve the right to decide upon lesson duration. 

Master classes

  • Master Classes are held on the last Sunday of each month and are conducted by Mr. Dimitar Pentchev, B.Mus., M. Mus., PhD. 
  • They provide some unique performance experience and are included in tuition fees. 
  • There are no parents attending and pupils are encouraged to share their pieces or work in progress with their peers, give and receive feedback on their performances. 
  • Mr. Pentchev also regularly performs for the students and present s well-known classical pieces, different instruments or guest musicians.


Suggestions for minimum daily practise:

  • Beginners to Grade 1 – 30 minutes.
  • Grade 2-4 – 40 minutes.
  • Grade 5-6 – 50 minutes.
  • Grade 7-8 – 60 minutes.
  • Certificate/Diploma level – 90 minutes. 

Parental Input

  • Parents are encouraged to attend the last 5 minutes of each lesson to become familiar with the student’s progress. 
  • Parents should ensure that daily practice and assignments are completed and the student practises in a quiet environment to allow them to concentrate on sound quality, accuracy and musicality in their practice.