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Our Students on the ORMTA Honour Roll for 2019

Congratulations to two of our students for their high results in exams in 2019. They have been added to the Honour Roll of the ORMTA (Ontario Registered Music Teachers Association).  Mark Lunga receives a special certificate for his high result in the Grade 1 RCM exam and Sienna Su is the recipient of the Janet Correia Scholarship for her high…

Her Morning Walk – listen here to a new solo piano piece

I have published one of my latest compositions for solo piano. The piece is called Her Morning Walk and is dedicated to theatre creator extraordinaire Jeannette Lambermont-Morey. She is a dear friend and throughout the years has been an inspired co-conspirator in creating some compelling and wonderful theatre. I hope to continue our creations as soon as we are able…

Christmas with the Pentchevs

Our little improvised concert for our friends on this, Christmas day 2019. Celebrating or not, cheerful or sad, melancholic or in a grey mood, this is a good time to be hopeful, whatever your world view or religion. Consider this our gift to you.